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Subject: Hi, online business. Are you ready to win with email?
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Dear Online Retailer

Isn’t it time to get a team of hyper-focused email experts to turbo-boost your sales? If you’re like the 57% of marketing teams who define their email campaigns as ‘somewhat successful’, you have the ability to vastly improve your email flows & campaigns*.

Stop sending emails that don’t generate the return you want. (After all, you want sales growth, email engagement & impressive lifetime value, right?)

Start sending personalised & tailored messages to your audience that create a deep one-to-one relationship.

The result, your emails will become a welcome guest in everyone’s inboxes & your sales will skyrocket.

Flowstate is a team of marketing gurus PURELY FOCUSED ON EMAIL MARKETING, we’re experts at delivering timely messages that convert into sales. (Did we mention we only do email? 😉)

We understand that speed to market is of the utmost importance. We work quickly to understand your tech stack and unlock the value of your database to make your email campaigns and flows work for you.

How quick is ‘quick’? Just take a look at the results from a client we’ve helped recently:

1,556% ROI in the first 30 days from automated flows.

Thirty days. 1,556% ROI. All automated.

We’ve completed hundreds of custom projects and our average ROI is between 1,300% and 1,800%.

How are we able to achieve these results?

Because we take the time to get to know you, your business and your customers. That means every email we produce for you will be personalised to your brand and to your customers so they’ll actually open the email. It won’t just get buried in the inbox abyss.

Whether you’re looking to start from scratch, optimise what you have or learn how to become the next email marketing guru, you can count on Flowstate to be your trusted email partner.

Happy emailing

Simon Chin
CEO – Chief Email Officer, Flowstate

How we can help you

Email is the No. 1 way to connect with customers – for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you get $42 back*. 

Work with us how you choose:


We’ll take a look at the email assets you already have and fine-tune so they’ll perform better than ever before.


Don’t have email flows generating consistent sales? Don’t worry, we’ll create custom flows for your business from scratch.


If you’re short on time or ideas, our team can manage your monthly email marketing campaigns.


Do you want to empower your team to become experts on the tools? We’re happy to share our email knowledge with you.

How we work, works

Connect and consult

We want to get to know you, your brand and your customers. Spare no details – your business is our business!

Create and build

We’ll get to work creating, designing and scripting your emails so they truly resonate with your customers.

Send and sell

It’s not over once we hit send – we’ll continue to analyse insights and use them to make the next email even more profitable.

Brands we work with

Our clients are winning with email

“Flowstate helped us create and implement email automation flows that have not only enhanced our online store experience but provided a great return on investment from day one and continue to do so.”

Leo Moscicki Radical Yes

"Simon and the Flowstate team helped us scale our email marketing to become more efficient, effective, and on brand for our community. Through assisting with the design of forms and emails, and building out tailored flows for specific members of our community the Flowstate team allowed us to tackle more in a short amount of time than we would have with our small team."

Haley Wineman Random Golf Club

“Working with Flowstate has finally allowed me the freedom to continue to work on my business. Since working with the Flowstate team we have seen our website business increase by 30% and continues to build.”

Alex Tyson iHealth Saunas

"Flowstate is awesome to work with, proactive and results driven, with great industry know how on best practices."

Allison Caruk SixSix

“I have used Flowstate for more than 12 months and have been delighted by the results, service and content development. I have already recommended Flowstate to other associates and would recommend to you as well.”

Matthew Gerard Grand Cru

“The team at Flowstate were a delight to deal with. The fact that Flowstate have made their business all about email, versus touching on every marketing pillar, ensures they bring excellence to this channel. Highly recommend.”

Cathryn Wills Sans Beast

"I highly recommend Flowstate to anybody looking for high quality email marketing strategy and implementation. The team went 100% above my expectations in both the quality of design and copywriting."

Kate Kuhle-Mobbs Precision Equine

"We have really enjoyed our experience using Flowstate. They're incredibly efficient, responsive and generous with their time and knowledge. We would not hesitate in recommending the Flowstate team."

Sarah Butler Organic Angels

"Flowstate has provided us with the service we need in professional way. Their delivery and responsiveness has been exceptional. Their service is highly recommended!"

Matthew Youn Credit Counsellors Australia

"Flowstate have very good knowledge when it comes to marketing. Good ideas and get the job done. They understand to measure performance and keep improving. Highly recommended."

Dana Beamont SAMMIMIS

"Flowstate team have been a pleasure to deal with. Always happy to help and knowledgeable when it comes to everything email marketing. I would recommend their services to anyone needing an overhaul of their email flows or campaigns."

Emma Pope Wooden Wonderland

    Serious results for
    our clients

    Looking for some serious bang for your buck?


    5/5 on Google

    We are rated 5/5 on Google, 100% satisfaction & have completed hundreds of custom
email projects


    Serious ROI

    One of our clients saw 1,556% ROI in the first 30-days of our team automating their flows.


    How to generate 1,556% ROI
    from your email flows in
    30-days, 7-steps


    We’ve generated incredible sales results from these exact steps in this free report. Powerful & actionable, boost your email ROI today.

    What makes flowstate different?

    Flowstate is a team of marketing gurus PURELY FOCUSED ON EMAIL MARKETING, we’re experts at delivering timely messages that convert into sales.

    We know it’s hard to always send a great email to your customers that converts. You’re not sure if they will open the email, click on the email or simply send it to the trash. Great emails instantly engage customers from the subject line to the images, content and of course, calls-to-action. We create great email sequences that sell & create customers for life.

    Email is a unique medium that allows brands to tell a story & engage one-on-one with your customers. We can help you choose the best email platform and set-up revenue generating email sequences for any industry & audience. (100% Automated) Over 15-years, we’ve sent literally millions of emails. As you can imagine we now have the results and experience to turn email marketing into your #1 sales weapon.



    If you’re truly serious about changing the performance of your email marketing, read on…

    For our team to create truly bespoke email solution for your business, no matter the budget, we first must understand what you’re email goals are and what you’re currently doing with email. Our Email Strategists will uncover instant email value that you can action today and, with our help, create an email marketing machine that skyrockets your sales…

    If you’re ready to hit hyperdrive on your email performance, book your FREE strategy session today. Hurry, spots are limited.

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