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StickerYou came to us with two key deliverables: to gain a greater ROI, better email engagement and deliverability, and to review selected email flow performance. The client was already executing a well thought out strategy, so, to take their email marketing to the next level, they contacted us to guide them.

StickerYou had a strong set of baseline statistics when they came to Flowstate, having already worked to grow their audience, develop personalised flows and grow lifetime value. Our role, therefore, was to provide a more technical and data-focused user experience-based approach to flow optimisation, in order to meet their KPIs.

What has been the feedback from the client?

“Working with Flowstate has been a fantastic experience,” says StickerYou Marketing Director, Sam Zivot. “They are savvy, efficient, and best of all, they know what needs to be done to drive improved results from email and SMS.”

“Despite working across disparate time zones, there were never any issues finding crossover in our schedules, or delivering a project to a deadline. Communication has been seamless, and collaboration top notch.”

Sam Zivot, Senior Director Marketing – StickerYou

StickerYou Case Study

Our work with StickerYou focused on optimising flows and designing and implementing new email templates. We did this in the following ways...


First, we conducted a flow audit to better understand the overall performance of the existing system in place and the client’s current position in the market. We then reviewed the flow with the client, to learn and understand their desired outcomes. From here, we identified the key flow drivers and devised a number of tests to run in conjunction with the existing flow emails, keeping the same structure. We reviewed (and utilised) 3rd party app integrations, existing segments and flow personalisation, and the design of the emails.


We focused on redesigning and re-scripting existing content to create new email templates which had been fully tested for all mail clients and devices. Once we went live with the new flows, we monitored with hyper-care, each month reviewing and identifying underperforming flows and running the process again.


The numbers speak for themselves. By working with StickerYou, we helped them achieve a 35% increase in revenue from flows, 23% increase in sessions from flows, and a 13% increase in flow AOV. We also helped the client increase SMS revenue by a whopping 67%, increase SMS sessions by 44%, increase SMS conversation rate by 17% and increase SMS AOV by 24%.


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